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Defiant House Kamael (PDF)

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Learn all about Defiant House Kamael and put your Characters in all manner of perilous situations!

Twelve Great Houses bound their fates to the Sephirot and forged the Defiant alliance. They remain the most powerful among the aristocrats ruling over the Domains. There are, however, many more supernatural bloodlines that have joined the Defiant cause. One of the most notable among them is the angelic House Kamael. Angels of Grace can be found in almost all Domains, making them one of the largest and most influential Houses outside the Twelve. 

In this Defiant supplement, you will learn more about Angels of Grace, their history, and customs. Additionally, you'll find rules and advice on creating Player Characters with preexisting dire problems and problematic situations.

About Defiant Role Playing Game

Game Buy Defiant RPG in PDF and printed format in our shop! Defiant RPG is an urban fantasy game about the mighty, modern-day supernaturals, who rebelled against their destiny and, instead of destroying the world, decided to protect it. By enforcing a demanding set of rules, the Defiant aristocracy empowers protective seals around their cities, making them the only safe-havens in a world ravaged by the Apocalypse. The Player Characters are the Defiant blue-bloods, leading the supernatural society of fallen angels, demons, ancient gods, and dragons. They are powerful rulers, with their own Holdings (like clubs or luxurious mansions) and faithful subjects.