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Reimagined: Fanfic Role-Playing Game (PDF)

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Reimagined: Fanfic Role-Playing Game is a simple and fun game for 2 players in which you play out your own TV series, based on a book, movie, comic book, video game, or TV show. 

Together, you will create a compelling and exciting story, as screenwriters, directors, and actors. You will be designing the plot for the TV series as you go along. The fate of your favorite characters will be entirely up to you! You can see them in relationships you knew they were always meant to be in or making different choices than in the canon fiction. You can explore the continuation of your favorite stories or ask “what if...?” questions and see what happens. And because Reimagined is a role-playing game, you will experience all the action firsthand as you dive into scenes!  


  • A stand-alone role-playing game for 2 players with additional rules for couples.
  • Great for beginners with no RPG experience as well as for seasoned players.
  • No traditional Game Master, each player gets a chance to set up a scene, role-play the main character and describe what happens.
  • Rules for improvising compelling stories in cooperation with the other player.
  • 1,5 – 2h of playtime for one episode with an option to play the whole season of your TV series.
  • Story set in any setting you know from movies, books, comic books, and games. You don’t have to read additional lore or come up with a setting yourself, simply pick the one you like and are familiar with!
  • Tools for customizing the setting to play the story you’re interested in.
  • Fast and flexible rules to settle any disputes between players.
  • A full-color, illustrated book, with additional printouts that help you run a smooth game.

And even more content:

Reimagined: Zombies! is a Halloween special  Reimagined: Fanfic Role-Playing Game supplement. Now you can create spooky stories about the undead, based on your favorite TV shows, movies, or books, play a Halloween episode of your show, or explore any fandom… with zombies. The supplement adds a new fanfic type, two new flavor tables, and rules for creating a Halloween episode.  

Reimagined: Game of War, Politics, and Dragons: if you like stories about war, politics, and dragons and maybe were unhappy with how your favorite TV show ended, you have an opportunity to fix it. That’s what Reimagined is for! Let’s rewrite the last season and make it better. The supplement adds three new flavor tables along with the rules on how to use them.